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November 21, 2000
Meeting Announcement

The next meeting of the Amherst Railway Society will be Tuesday Nov. 21, 2000, 8:00 p.m., at the Amherst Middle School.

The program "It's More Than a Train" will be presented by Mr. Carl Lindblade, Executive Director, The Flying Yankee Restoration Group, Inc. The talk will frame the importance of the defining technology of the Yankee as it related to 1935 Depression-ridden America. It will present the story of the train through its 2.7 million miles of operation, and it will cover the 40 years that it sat idle. Finally, the talk will discuss the future of the Yankee as an economic, tourism, and development icon.

Carl has spent over 30 years in the travel and tourism industry including time served as Interim Director of the Office of Travel and Tourism for the State of New Hampshire, and as a delegate to the White House Conference on Travel and Tourism. For 23 years Carl was Vice President and General Manager of the Red Jacket Resort in North Conway NH. Since 1995, he has operated his own consulting business, which includes the Flying Yankee. Carl lives with his wife, Dorothy, and 3 Golden Retrievers in a 180 year- old farmhouse in rural Maine.

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We were shocked to hear of the recent sudden death of our fellow club-member and friend Joe Snopek. Joe was a noted safety professional and engineer, and a civic leader in Granby. Most of us knew him as a past president of the Amherst Railway Society, and as an avid railroad photographer. Joe has presented several outstanding shows to the society as well as being present at the show with his personal railroad slides and photographs. Joe's photos were published in many magazines, and he was the co-author of "Diesels to Park Ave: The Fl-9 Story". Joe was a well-liked and enthusiastic person, and he will be missed.

We welcome the following new members!

Don Emerson Sr. James Beldon

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I hope you have all marked your calendars for the show. If you haven't renewed, do it now or you won't receive a free pass to the show. Please consider helping at the show -- before, during, or after. Talk to Bob Buck, Doug Moore or any of the officers if you're wondering what kind of help we need. There's something for most people.

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