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January 15, 2002
Meeting Announcement

"Modeling Railroads for a Living" Simulaltions Models in the Freight Railroad Industry

Computer simulation models are used in the freight railroad industry decision-making process for a whole range of choices, from mergers and acquisitions to the design of a single facility. Over the past decades, these models have acquired increasing sophistication in replicating their prototype. Ingrid Schultze and Bengt Muten will tell us about the development, application, successes, and limitations of some of these models. The discussion will center on the practical application of computer network modeling and simulation techniques to producing what-if traffic forecasts, and block size, line, and yard volume estimates, along with the usage of such outputs for strategic decision-making. In the talk, they will also relate their experiences of working with the U.S., Canadian, and Mexican freight railroad industries.

Ingrid and Bengt are consultants with Reebie Associates in Stamford, CT. Prior to joining Reebie, Ingrid was Vice-President and co-founder of Multimodal Applied Systems, and the chief designer of MultiRail, a product used successfully for freight rail operating plan design. Bengt has worked with the rail industry for 21 years, the last 4 years as a partner at Reebie Associates. While he has worked with all the class I railroads of the U.S., his hands-on experience comes from working as a trainman in commuter service in Sweden in the 1970's.

Reminder: There is no monthly meeting in February!

Richard W. Drury, 1928-2001 Some of you may remember past member Dick Drury of Hatfield, MA. He frequented the Railroad Hobby Show, and he was interested in Maine narrow gauge railroading. Speak to Bob Buck for more information.


Regarding parking at the show: The Eastern States Exposition has adopted a new paid parking policy on their grounds effective Jan. 1, 2002, which will affect Amherst Railway Society members at our 2002 show. Their plan is that cars entering the exposition grounds will be given a parking ticket which will be paid when they leave the grounds unless validated. In order to get their parking tickets validated, members will show their ARS passes, (which you will receive in the mail as in the past) to the ticket sellers, who will be responsible for validating parking tickets. We will continue to collect the admission passes at the door, but members will hold on to their parking tickets and present them at the gate when they drive off the grounds. Please remember, you will need to take both your ARS pass and your parking ticket to the ticket seller for validation. This is the booth where the general public buys tickets to the show. Then, you will turn in your pass at the door, and hold on to your parking ticket. If you go to leave the grounds without a validated parking ticket, you will have to pay $3.00.


It's happened again! Almost one year has gone by since last year's show, and once again we are asking for your help. There has been a core group of society members over the years that has carried the bulk of the work load for the show. Why do they return year after year? Because they enjoy doing it. They may enjoy the comraderie with other members, and I think a lot of them enjoy the prestige of helping put on the nation's largerst railroad hobby show. We can always use more volunteers. In fact, we need more volunteers. Some tasks are physically demanding, others are not. Perhaps this is your year to join the fun. Call the number below for more info or speak to someone at the meeting.

I would like to help at the Big Railroad Hobby Show:

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