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November 15, 2005
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BIG RAILROAD HOBBY SHOW !! January 28 & 29, 2006

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A Program by Preston Cook

WHAT'S IN THOSE COVERED WAGONS is a detailed tour of several of the classic full carbody diesel locomotives which have traditionally served in long distance and commuter passenger service in North America. These are the well known locomotives of the streamlined train era which pulled the finest trains on many of the nation's railroads. The locomotives primarily examined in the program include the EMD E8, the ALCO PA, the EMD F7, and the EMD FL9.

This program provides three-level coverage of each of the subject locomotives. Each locomotive type is first examined from a development standpoint, including photo coverage of some of the predecessor units and the colorful period advertising used in the locomotive sales campaigns. The second level of coverage is a selection of colorful night and action photography by Preston Cook and Jim Boyd. Finally each unit is reviewed in a walk around interior photographic tour. The highlight of this portion of the program is the ALCO PA interior tour, which was photographed on a D&H unit freshly painted, right out of overhaul, with the original 16 cylinder 244 engine. The rebuilding of FL9 units for ConnDot is shown, accompanied by illustrations of the diesel engine and major electrical components. The presentation also reviews some of the collectable memorabilia from the "Covered Wagon" era. The program is approximately 100 minutes total length.

Preston Cook worked for the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors for 16 years as a Railroad Field Service Engineer, Training Center Instructor, and District Engineer managing accounts with the US Government and Military Services. He presently provides technical and warranty support for a fleet of 37 Boise rebuilt F40PH-2C locomotives operating on the MBTA in Boston. He is the author of four railroad books and has also authored a number of magazine articles on railroad, marine, naval, military and travel subjects.