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March 18th, 2008
Meeting Announcement

The next meeting of the Amherst Railway Society will be Tuesday, March 18, 2008, 8:00 p.m. at the Amherst Middle School.

"From Railroad Station to Eatery"
by Robin Lamothe

By now, many of you have eaten at the Steaming Tender Restaurant in Palmer, MA or visited their table at the Railroad Show. Robin Lamothe will present a program on the history of the Palmer Railroad Station, from its days as a train station, to its metamorphosis into a popular restaurant. The station is beautifully restored, and the food is excellent.

Trip Committee notes:

Our trip committee chairman Phil Johnson reminds us of the upcoming Mass Bay RRE’s rare mileage “Berkshire Flyer” over trackage of the Housatonic Railroad from Lenox, MA to Pittsfield, MA & Canaan, CT and return on Saturday, May 17, 2008. The flyer may be downloaded at http://www.massbayrre.org/BerkshireFlyerARS.pdf. ARS members are receiving the discounted fare, seating is limited and it is one day only. I would advise you to make reservations right now if you want a seat.


I hope you all had a great time at the show. Ticketed attendance, which includes all coming through the ticket booth was 20,673. Doug Moore, Volunteer Coordinator, has something to say to those who volunteered:

Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the show a success. Without your assistance there would not be a show. In recognition of all your work, a number of vendors and non-profit groups have donated small gifts to serve as tokens of appreciation. Please stop by the refreshment table after the meeting and choose your gift.

Message from the Show Director:

This message comes to you 30 days after the Show. Didn’t I just write something that said the Show is a month away? It never ceases to amaze me how time flies!

Once again, the Show was a huge success. Everything from an expanded clinic area to the 4 th building ran quite smoothly. We owe it all to all of the folks involved. Thanks to all the volunteers, the Department Leaders, the Floor Managers and everyone else behind the scenes that make my job easy. People may not realize that a production of this size does not happen without all of you!

We learned a few things as well – as we do every year. We intend to keep the Mallary North Complex, but we learned a bit more about how to keep the building more airtight. We learned that no matter how much we expand the clinic area, it is standing room only (we doubled the clinic area and still ran out of room).

Thanks to the folks at Athearn who donated 150 box cars for the make and take portion of the clinic, we had enough to go around (well over the 100 we thought we were going to have!!). We also learned that the fire alarm system works fairly well in the Young Building!

The best news of all is that we have a larger dollar amount of money to give out as grants this year. The increase in admission price and the table price increase did cover our costs of increased expenses and also allowed us to give back even more than in past years! And, this was in addition to increasing the age for free admission up to children 15 and under. By the way, we had numerous comments about what a great thing we are doing to promote the hobby to the next generation by allowing more children to go for free!

The web site, www.railroadhobbyshow.com saw over 40,000 hits in the 6-8 weeks prior to the show. That’s an increase of about 100 times the “off season” traffic! You will note that next year’s info is already posted.

Finally, we have a few more surprises in store for next year. Stay tuned and we will see you all very soon!

John Sacerdote, Show Director
Copyright (c) Amherst Railway Society