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September, 2011


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September, 2011
Meeting Announcement

This month's meeting of the Amherst Railway Society is Tuesday, September 20, 2011, 8:00 p.m. at the Amherst Middle School Auditorium.

"Rail Transit in the Pioneer Valley"
by Dana Roscoe

2012 Railroad Hobby Show dates:
January 28 & 29, 2012

Mr. Roscoe will talk about the relocation of the Amtrak Vermonter from the existing NECR/CSX alignment to the Pan Am Conn. River line, proposed station upgrades to Union Station in Springfield, and potential station locations in Holyoke, Northampton and Greenfield. He will also discuss the New Haven to Springfield intercity improvements in Connecticut, and the feasibility study about to begin to evaluate the inland route (Boston/Springfield/New Haven and Boston/Springfield/Montreal).
Railroads of Western Massachusetts.
Railroads of Western Massachusetts.
Click on map to download larger pdf map file.

Dana Roscoe is from Sunderland Massachusetts and is a Principal Planner and Transportation Manager for the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission where the majority of his work involves road and bridge infrastructure improvements, and public transportation (PVTA). He has been working on intermodal and freight rail issues involving the CSX yard in West Springfield for over ten years. More recently, Mr Roscoe has been working with state and federal officials from Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut to improve and increase passenger rail service between New Haven and Montreal.

As an advisory body to member communities and to private business groups, Pioneer Valley Planning Commission performs research and analysis services in a wide range of planning areas: transportation and public transit, economic development, environment and land use, community development and historic preservation, data analysis, mapping, and graphic design.


From the Treasurer

All donations to the Amherst Railway Society may be tax deductible. As Amherst Railway Society Inc. is a 501 C(3) tax exempt organization, your donations (of either cash and/or property) may be deducted on your Schedule A, Form 1040 of your Federal income tax. Consider the Amherst Railway Society in your estate planning. Your gifts can be restricted or non-restricted (you can pre-determine how you want your donation used). Upon request, and proper documentation of course, the Treasurer will issue you a letter to be used as justification for your tax deductions

From the Clerk

If your email, or mail envelope says 2011, your membership expired June 30, 2011. Please remember that ARS memberships expire at the end of June, the year of your membership expiration. A one year membership is good for one show pass. Members that joined in the fall of 2010 for a one year membership need to renew when their membership expires in June. Student Membership is free but requires letting us know your current school, and your grade, or year of graduation. A one year renewal is $20. Three years is $50. You can get a “Free” year with a 5 year renewal at $80.

Attendance last year averaged 80 people per meeting.

Please see the Calendar for remaining meetings this year.

LAYOUT CONTEST for anyone born on or after Feb 1, 1996

A reminder about the U16 layout building contest for our 2012 Show. “U16” stands for “Under 16 years old.” This is for the kids! Many prizes and even educational scholarship money will be awarded to the winners. Please check out the contest rules, how to enter, and anything else you would need to know by visiting the web site. Entries will be a part of the 2012 Show. It should be a great time! You may download the contest rules here.

The deadline for registration is October 15, 2011

<show logo>Message from the Show Director:

Another great summer is over….while I find this somewhat depressing; I get easily cheered up because the end of the summer signals the beginning of the Show season!

The last time we “spoke,” we were about to have our 3rd annual Silent Auction. It was our biggest and best ever, raising over $4000.00 to our grant fund…..and, it was the scene of the most action we ever had….a great time to be sure and thanks to all that participated as you have allowed us to assist even more non-profit organizations and folks related to Railroading.

Each year in the past, you would hear me boast about yet another building added to our list. As I think about it, you will never see that again because we taken all of them that we can. Put another way, the Show will only change within….that is, the internal configuration of the Show will see come modifications, including a move of the Reception Center to a more centralized location as well as a stage for announcements, presentations and awards!

Once again, contracts are already out the door to almost 500 exhibitors. This year we are already seeing over 20 new exhibitors, including a large Sn2 Free-Mo layout as well as a few new manufacturers. Some have sent me pictures of their new dioramas that will be set up for showing off goods….and, wow…are they cool looking!

As the Show grows in complexity, we need more and more volunteers. While you may hear me say this almost every year, we continue to need more volunteers because the Show continues to change and grow. Volunteers are extremely important to us as they are the “behind the scenes” folks that make the Show happen. As with last year, volunteers will be assigned specific duties at specific times. This way, you will know what to expect and how long you will “be on duty,” leaving plenty of time to check out exhibitors as they set up! Please contact Doug Moore if you wish to be a volunteer.

Once again, admission price continues to be in a holding pattern. We have, however, raised the table prices again, to coincide with the never ending increase in expenses, which including a huge price increase in hourly wages as well as utilities (heat and light) at the Big E grounds. We have structured a discount program this year to help offset that never ending increase.

All of our automated functionality is in place, including the ability to purchase advance tickets online by credit card and exhibitor fees. This year, you can order hang tags for your cars in advance as well!

As we get closer to the show date, we will report to you any exhibitors, new ideas or exciting changes that will be happening for 2012.

John Sacerdote, Show Director

<abel logo>From the AMHERST BELT LINES…

Welcome Back!

Summer has once again flown by, and what an eventful summer it has been in New England! The Belt Lines is looking forward to an eventful 2011-2012 Show Season and we would be happy to include you in our activities! We are already preparing for the „home game‟ in West Springfield – our own Railroad Hobby Show in January. But before we get to that event, we have a few away games to play first. See our schedule below.

If you are interested in operating a large and variable modular layout, building a module or displaying your own modeling efforts, see Clark, Jim or Alan and we will be happy to "sign you up!" You don't need a module to participate, so you can jump right in and "test the water," if you will, by helping to set up and operate a layout with a background of over 30 years!

Email address:

Pepperell Siding Model Railroad Club Cancels 2011 Show

The Pepperell Siding Model Railroad Club had to cancel their 2011 Fall Show. The Belt Lines usually attends this show as an opportunity to shake out the cobwebs from the summer. Sadly, scheduling delays and conflicts with the school in Pepperell has caused the club to cancel the show this year. They plan to return next year, and so do we.

Show Schedule Update for 2011-2012

The Belt Lines attends about six shows per year from September through April. Our schedule for 2011-2012 as we know it today is below. We have received formal invitations to both the Boomer's and our own show, but expect to attend the others. If you would like to mark your calendars for shows we will be attending, here are the dates for the fall season in 2011 and our start on 2012:

  • November 6, 2011: Bedford Boomer's 29th Annual Railroad Exhibition – Bedford, NH.
  • December 3 and 4, 2011: New England Model Train Expo – Marlborough, MA.
  • January 28-29, 2012: Amherst Railway Society, Inc. Railroad Hobby Show – West Springfield, MA.

We expect that we will hear from the Worcester Model Railroad Club for their show in Auburn, MA in February, and also from the Nashua Valley Railroad Association about their show in Shirley, MA in April. We will publish additional details as invitations are sent to the Belt Lines.

Thats all for this month. Remember… Modular Railroading is Fun!

{Editors Note: Contact the Belt Lines for information about a possible additional show in early Oct 2011}

Wachusett Model Railroad Club Open House Sept 18, 2011

Brian Kleinknecht invited you

Location of the Club

470 R Main St Unit 25 Clinton, MA

100 FT. H O Scale model railroad Layout open to the public from 9:00am to 3:00pm Sunday September 18, 2011. Come see our expanded layout with trains running, or you can run one yourself. Admission is free, donations accepted and will be re-donated to the Clinton Item Appeal

From the Trip Director:

Calendar of Trips

From the Amherst Railway Society Facebook Page: facebook button

Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum posted on Amherst Railway Society's Wall.

"The Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum wanted to give a quick update on our restoration of ex-Rochester Gas & Electric (nee-GE Lynn, MA switcher) GE 45-tonner #1941.

A portion of the paint work and the new professionally installed cab glass are being supported from grants from the Amherst Railway Society.

The masking has just been removed late this past Tuesday evening (8.02.2011) from #1941 as the green portion of the locomotive's paint is complete and the new cab glass has already been installed. We have a few more green parts to paint and install. We will then move on to painting the yellow followed by the black undercarriage. We hope to have the engine completed and lettered for RG&E's BeeBee Station in the coming weeks.

We wanted to again thank the Amherst Railway Society for making this project possible, and we will post additional updates, on your Facebook page, soon along with the more frequent updates over on our museum Facebook site. Thanks again!

GE 45 tonner

Photo by: C.R. Hauf 8.02.2011"

Summerwood Railroad

Eagle Scout Project

Robert Lipiner BSA Troop 44

My name is Robert Lipiner. I am 15 years old and a member of the Amherst Railway Society. In addition to model railroading and my other hobbies, I am an avid Boy Scout in West Hartford Troop 44. My next step toward becoming an Eagle Scout is completing an Eagle Scout service project.

For my Eagle project I plan to build an HO scale model train layout for Summerwood retirement community in West Hartford, CT. I am seeking donations of new or gently used trains and supplies that would be needed to build a layout. Please see my wish list on the reverse side of this flyer and let me know if there is anything else you think I might need.

If you are interested in donating any items, or can suggest any vendors that may wish to contribute to my project, please contact me. I will gladly pick up any items at a time and place that is convenient for you

This summer I have been focusing my efforts on creating a layout plan and gathering enough materials and donations to do the bench work and start laying track this fall. My goal is to have trains running by New Years. Landscaping will then be an ongoing work in process where I want to involve the Summerwood residents as much as possible.

I am also looking for any assistance from our ARS club members who wish to lend a helping hand. I will need help with planning, building, and landscaping. If you would like to help out with the railroad or have any suggestions, I would really like to hear from you as well.

Thanks for allowing me to share my Eagle project with you.

Yours in Model Railroading,

Robert Lipiner
West Hartford, CT 06117

phone: 860-233-6848

Materials Wish List for Summerwood Railroad Eagle Project

  • Modular Bench work for approx 4x10 HO layout (final size TBD)
  • HO track – code 100 I am open to flex track and/or sectional track
  • Switches and turnouts, wyes, diamonds, crossings etc – code 100
  • Misc track laying supplies:
    • Roadbed, Nails, Rail joiners, Glue, Inclines and starters, Ballast
    • ½” plywood base, Luan for sides, Homasote for top surface
  • Tortoise type switch machines, Switch panel and switches
  • Structures - whatever you have that you think would work on a basic layout
  • People and animals, pets etc
  • other interesting items to put on layout such as tents, amusement park rides, construction equip, farm implements, lumber mill, industrial etc
  • Cars, trucks, busses, airplanes and any other interesting related items
  • Train “junk” for a railyard or junkyard. lumber piles, pipes, logs or anything interesting
  • Trees, rocks, grass, mountains, walls, bushes, trees, roads and other misc landscape
  • DCC control system and DCC throttles – wireless is preferred for mobility with elderly residents
  • Power district circuit breakers reversing module
  • Locomotives and rolling stock - steam or diesel from vintage to modern
  • Kadee couplers
  • Decoders – sound and standard
  • Software to program locos from a laptop or pc
  • Wire - bus line, feeders and lighting
  • Building and street lighting
  • Transformer to power lights
  • Turbo tree machine
  • Tippi foam cutting machine
  • Set of stencils to make clouds and mountains
  • Misc tools to leave at summerwood for residents
  • Paints for scenery
  • Crossing gates with sound and sensors
  • Bridges, trestles trusses, etc
  • Fencing, stone walls etc
  • Video camera setup for mounting in a loco
  • Track cleaning machines/cars
  • Software (cad rail) to design layout
  • Water resin kit
  • Motorized turntable or transfer table with roundhouse

Please contact me if you have anything to donate for my railroad Eagle project. I am happy to pick up any items at a time and place that is convenient for you.

Robert Lipiner
phone: 860-233-6848

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