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Amherst Railway Society - meeting - January, 2018

CMR tunnel Date: Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Time: 7:30 pm
Place: Palmer Public Library

The Central Massachusetts Railroad

The Central Massachusetts Railroad (CMR) ran a hundred miles from North Cambridge Junction to Northamption. On the east end, the railroad connected with the Boston and Lowell railroad which gave it access to Boston’s North station. And, on the west end, the connection was with the Connecticut River Railroad. The CMR began operations in 1869 and continued hauling freight and passengers until 1980, although for most of the railroad’s life it was leased and operated by the Boston & Maine railroad and known as the Central Massachusetts Branch. On January 10, Ed Sterling will recount the history of the railroad using physical and digital maps and photos. He will discuss the railroad’s operations and show us stations as they appeared when the railroad was in operation, and what they look like now. Engineering highlights of the railroad included the tunnel at Clinton, Massachusetts and the trestle crossing the Wachusett Dam. Ed Sterling has been studying the history of the Central Massacresetts Railroad for almost 20 years. Amherst Railway Society meetings are open to the public.

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