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Amherst Railway Society - meeting - June, 2018

T-TRAK Date: Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Time: 7:30 pm
Place: Amherst Railway Society clubhouse

T-TRAK - a great way to get started with model railroading

As model railroading becomes more complex, getting started in the hobby can be a somewhat daunting task. The T-TRAK system was developed to help new model railroaders get up and running fairly quickly, and have fun at the same time. T-TRAK is a modular model railroad system based on train-set sectional track and a few construction standards - module size, track placement, and electrical connections. While many T-TRAK modelers work in N-scale using the Kato Unitrak system, there are also T-TRAK standards for Z-scale (MicroTrains track), HO-scale (Kato Unitrack), S-scale (MTH S-Trax), and O-Scale (Lionel Fastrack). The popularity of T-TRAK modeling is worldwide. On Wednesday, June 13, long-time model railroader Fay Chin will trace the history of the T-TRAK system and demonstrate the way the system helps modelers learn, experiment, and develop their modeling skills. While the key to T-TRAK modeling is ease of entry, the system is not just for beginners. Mr. Chin will also show that T-TRAK layouts can be large with detailed scenery. Fay Chin is a retired engineer who has been modeling in N-scale for over 40 years. He is a founding member of the Northeast N-TRAK group and has been a coordinator of the Northeast T-TRAK group since 2015. Mr. Chin’s N-scale T-TRAK modular layout was the focal point of the Kato USA booth at the 2018 Railroad Hobby Show.

Amherst Railway Society meetings are open to the public.

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