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The Amherst Railway Society 7 1/4 Project

Work Day: November 16 - Volunteers needed - 9 am start time

This is our last work day for the season. It has been amazing, and fun, to start from scratch and build a railroad. Even though we are not running trains yet, we're close. And, it all happened because of the many hands that contributed to this effort. We are a community. We work together. We learn together. We have fun together. All of those elements of the Amherst Railway Society were on full display as built this railroad. So, special thanks to everyone that contributed to this effort. We couldn't have done it without you - literally! On November 16, we are going to button up the railroad for the winter and make sure everyting is in place to start working again when the snow melts. And, who knows, maybe celebrate a little, too. After all, we accomplished a lot this year, and we should feel good about that.


track work

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